Amphenol is a leading supplier of advanced interconnect systems, sensors and antennas for a growing array of automotive applications. In addition, we have developed advanced technology solutions for hybrid and electric vehicles and are working with leading global customers to proliferate these advanced interconnect products into next-generation automobiles. Our primary solutions for automotive include antennas, electric vehicles, engine management and control, exhaust monitoring and cleaning, hybrid vehicles, infotainment and communications, lighting, power management, safety and security systems, sensing systems, telematics systems and transmission systems.

Product RADSOK R8S
HV/HP contact with a new design. Asymmetric socket contact for Automotive and Industrial applications. Several connection possibilities and sizes are available. Produced by a precision and price optimized stamping and bending process.

Product Rain Light Sensor
Rain Light Sensor
The rain and light sensor provides configurable wiper control inputs for Heavy Truck applications in addition to supporting auto-headlight control.

Product Rear Lamp Harness
Rear Lamp Harness
Applications in Rear lamps, such as Trunk, Stop, liftgate, turn lights

Product Remote Laptop Controllers
Remote Laptop Controllers
Tecvox has developed a Remote Laptop Controller for police, emergency, and fleet vehicle applications. Our understanding of demanding data management architectures provides our customers with innovative and cost-effective solutions.

Product Removable Data Storage Devices
Removable Data Storage Devices
Tecvox provides removable data storage options for vehicle performance data recording and 360-degree camera systems. Up to 2 Terabyte SD card capability for recording hours to days of vehicular data.

Product RF Jumper and Socket
RF Jumper and Socket
Amphenol’s RF Jumper and Socket covers 1st through 5th generations. The 4th generation RF jumper cable is compatible with lpex spec using a soldering connection instead of crimping between RF connector and the jumper cable creating a more secure joint for better high-frequency performance. The 5th generation version is Hirose compatible and has a 1.0 mm mating height with 0.81 mm diameter cable.

Product Rotaconnect® Rotatable Board-to-Board Connector
Rotaconnect® Rotatable Board-to-Board Connector
Amphenol ICC extends the RotaConnect® Board-to-Board range with a pegged version. This eliminates the hold-down, hence aids simple placement and saves the space between connectors on the PCB. The RotaConnect® BTB range is a unique rotatable Board-to-Board SMT connector that can be used to support perpendicular, coplanar, and angled connections, in multiple mating and un-mating directions.

Product RotaConnect® Wire-To-Board Connector
RotaConnect® Wire-To-Board Connector
FCI Basics extends the RotaConnect® range with a WTB solution. The WTB connector mates horizontally with RotaConnect® Board-to-Board (BTB) solution. RotaConnect® WTB is a 3.00mm pitch connector with a dual-beam spring contact design, delivering high-performance and reliability. The connector also features a passive latch for housing retention which protects pins and prevents mismatching.

Product Rugged USB 3.0
Rugged USB 3.0
RUGGED USB CONNECTOR FOR HARSH ENVIRONMENT APPLICATION Amphenol's Product Line of Rugged USB3.0 connectors serve many markets and applications across the globe including Medical, Industrial, Telecommunication, DataComm, etc.

Product Rugged USB Type C
Rugged USB Type C
MUSBR series is a line of Generation 2 ruggedized USB Type C connectors with die-cast housings and IP67 sealing, designed for Harsh Environment applications. MUSBR series USB Type C Connectors provide reliable performance in extreme conditions for the most demanding applications and mate with standard USB Type C plugs.

Product Safety Harness
Safety Harness
Cable Assembly including designed mechatronic parts for clockspring activation with a compact design.

Product Safety Harness Europe & North America
Safety Harness Europe & North America
Safety Harnesses are available in various combinations and can be customized to customer specifications and needs.

Product Scorpion Modular
Scorpion Modular
Design your own connector with our Scorpion series! The Scorpion modular connector can be configured as a power connector, a signal connector, or both, and it offers nearly limitless combinations. Perfect to achieve that ideal blend of size, weight, and power (SWaP). Add options for blind mating, float mount, panel mount, and cable connector options, as well as integral locking systems.

Product SD Express
SD Express
SD Express offers the fastest data transfer rates up to 985MB/s adhering to PCIe® Gen 3 x1 lane interface and NVMe application protocol. Meeting SD 7.0 specifications, these connectors come with a pin detection function, which offers enhanced protection and establishes a better read function when the memory card is inserted.

Product Sealed Connectors
Sealed Connectors
Competitive Cost Sealed Connectors to Automotive Sensors and Switches

Product Sharkfin Antenna
Sharkfin Antenna
Amphenol's standard Sharkfin consists up to 4 4G/5G elements. A dual-band GNSS patch is also included. An SXM patch is optional for the North America market. Amplifiers for both GNSS and SXM are included. Optional WiFi and V2X antennas can also be added accordingly. Customized harness lengths with standard Fakra connectors are applied.

Product SIM Card Connectors
SIM Card Connectors
FCI Basics SIM Card connectors are 6- to 8-pin connectors primarily used as SIM card readers in smartphones and other mobile devices. These are designed for full SIM, mini SIM, and micro SIM "Plug-in" applications with hinges and covers for secure card retention. The SMT connectors are space-saving and low-profile.

Product Small Harness for Harsh Environment
Small Harness for Harsh Environment
Engine Wire Harness, Tailgate Wire Harness, Door Wire Harness

Product Smart Box Module
Smart Box Module
Amphenol's antenna smart box consists of two 4G/5G elements. A dual-band L1/L5 GNSS antenna plus the amplifier are also integrated. An optional WiFi Antenna can be added. This box is applied on vehicles with glass sunroofs. Customized harness lengths with standard Fakra connectors are applied.

Product Smart Lighting China / Asia
Smart Lighting China / Asia
Smart lighting with LED RGB source technology and a variety of dynamic lighting effects. Highlight: • Internal laboratory for photometry and colorimetry measurements • Optical Simulation • Dynamic

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