Amphenol is a leading supplier of advanced interconnect systems, sensors and antennas for a growing array of automotive applications. In addition, we have developed advanced technology solutions for hybrid and electric vehicles and are working with leading global customers to proliferate these advanced interconnect products into next-generation automobiles. Our primary solutions for automotive include antennas, electric vehicles, engine management and control, exhaust monitoring and cleaning, hybrid vehicles, infotainment and communications, lighting, power management, safety and security systems, sensing systems, telematics systems and transmission systems.

Product Panther
The Panther family of products, consisting of the PA Series and the PB Series, are rugged, waterproof connectors built for demanding applications. When your project calls for high power, shock, and vibration resistance, or needs to meet fire, smoke, and toxicity requirements for passenger applications, the Panther family can meet your requirements.

Product Pass Through Connection
Pass Through Connection
Our Pass Through connectors is designed for an easy assembly for the Tier 1, in addition to the NXT connectors group: no partition line to generate greater hermiticity assurance, already validated by GM. Highlight: • USCAR-2 and GMW3191 validation • Ways available: 2, 6, 12, 14 and 16 • Family MX150 • Assembly: quarter turn, snap-in and clip-on • Customizable design

Product Pass Through Connection China / Asia
Pass Through Connection China / Asia
Pass Through connectors in Docharm Amphenol are varied. We have the design experience and manufacturing capability of mature such products. We have provided customization services for existing customers many times and our products have been recognized by them. We can meet different environmental requirements and structural needs of customers and can assist clients in pre-development.

Product PCBA (Customised)
PCBA (Customised)
Amphenol BSI (ABSI) is providing customised PCBA solutions to the market leaders in the Automotive, Medical, Mobile Device, and IT Datacom sectors. With investments in SMT and Visual/Electrical Test equipment, ABSI operations can facilitate volumes from 10k per year up to 1.5m on a single part number. Passive Assemblies Examples: Display & I/O Boards,

Product Plug Connectors
Plug Connectors
Safe electrical connections are the alpha and omega of reliably functioning vehicles. Our large assortment offers various contact housings for different current and voltage ranges with a variable number of poles. The connectors are sealed or unsealed or shielded or unshielded as required. We are also happy to develop customer-specific solutions - contact us!

Product Position Sensors
Position Sensors
Piher Sensing Systems is a specialty manufacturer of standard and custom position controls and position sensor solutions. With a broad portfolio of contactless sensors (magnetic and inductive technologies), potentiometers, and printing electronics, Piher offers rotary and linear position, speed and switch solutions for applications requiring the highest level of accuracy and reliability.

Product Power Distribution & Protection
Power Distribution & Protection
Electromobility requires the transmission of high electrical power in the vehicle. The high voltages and currents that occur here must be distributed in the drive train between the components, such as the battery, motor, and charge controller. For this purpose, we develop application-specific components for different requirements and tasks.

Product PowerLok G2 Series Connector
PowerLok G2 Series Connector
POWERLOK G2 series is a high-performance, compact, aluminum alloy interconnect solution utilizing RADSOK contact technology for EV and Hybrid transportation applications. POWERLOK G2 series connectors are engineered for a diverse set of applications including electric power distribution for automotive, truck, bus, agricultural, construction, and off-road vehicles.

HV/HP connector for applications >60V. The POWERSOK family is grouped into different classes that define the resulting RADSOK and installation size. All connectors are equipped with a corresponding lock.

Product Precision Plastics
Precision Plastics
Functional precision plastic parts for complex assemblies including gears, toothed wheels, guidings, and sensor elements. Subassemblies with small molded components for active and passive safety applications.

Product Pressure Sensors
Pressure Sensors
As a leader in MEMS pressure sensors, elements, and advanced packaging solutions, the NovaSensor product line includes highly cost-effective families of surface mount, hybrid, and media-isolated sensors that serve medical, industrial, and transportation applications. Available in all levels of calibration, from uncalibrated to fully-calibrated, amplified analog and digital output versions.

Product Pressure Sensors
Pressure Sensors
i2s is your contact for the development and production of pressure sensors, temperature sensors, mass airflow sensors, as well as combination sensors for several measurands. Customers from the automotive, commercial vehicle, mechanical engineering, and metrology industries have been relying on our experience and know-how for more than 15 years.

Product Projection Lighting China / Asia
Projection Lighting China / Asia
Projection lighting to the rearview mirror, chassis, foot pedal, etc. with low-cost solution to achieve high definition and brightness. Highlight: • Internal laboratory for photometry and colorimetry measurements • Low cost • High definition

Product Protective Caps for Circular Connectors
Protective Caps for Circular Connectors
Amphenol India protective caps were developed to meet the environmental protection needs of circular connectors in Threaded & Bayonet version. These caps were designed on the basis of MIL standards & qualified to QPL product requirements.

Product PRO-TRI 174/380-520/760-960 - Triplexer
PRO-TRI 174/380-520/760-960 - Triplexer
The PRO-TRI 174/380-520/760-960 is a Triplex Filter (Multiplexer) used for combining /splitting 3 LMR/PMR radios, a VHF, a UHF, and an LTE to/from just one antenna. It comes in 2 versions both with SMA connectors, one for low/medium power up to 30 W per radio and one for high power radios up to 150 W per channel.

Product PV® Wire-to-Board Connector System
PV® Wire-to-Board Connector System
VERSATILE DESIGN FOR DEMANDING APPLICATIONS FCI Basics PV® solution is a versatile and modular system able to meet all the board-to-board, board-to-wire, wire-to-wire applications where high density, outstanding electrical and mechanical performances are required.

Product PwrBlade+® Cable Connectors for EV Charging
PwrBlade+® Cable Connectors for EV Charging
PwrBlade+® cable connectors offer flexibility to meet a wide variety of customer needs. The connectors come in both Cable-To-Cable and Cable-To-Board solutions. The available wire range is 10AWG-6AWG for high power, 16AWG-12AWG for low power, and 26AWG-22AWG for signal allowing users to select the appropriate connector to meet their application needs.

Product PwrBlade+® Connector for EV Charging
PwrBlade+® Connector for EV Charging
The PwrBlade+® connector is a next-generation AC/DC power distribution connector system for demanding applications requiring higher linear current density and low power loss. It is capable of 192A/linear inch with eight adjacent high power contacts energized simultaneously and 0.7m power contact resistance after environmental exposure.

Product PwrBlade® ULTRA Connector System for EV Charging
PwrBlade® ULTRA Connector System for EV Charging
The PwrBlade® ULTRA connector is the newest addition to the PwrBlade® product line. This new design offers an overall height reduction of 24% to reduce airflow impedance in high-density power supplies. Three contact choices are available; High Power, Low Power, and Signal.

Product Quickie® IDC Cable-to-Board Connector System
Quickie® IDC Cable-to-Board Connector System
FCI Basics Quickie® is a complete solution for flat cable-to-board connections using 2.54mm pitch IDC technology. The highly durable and cost-saving connectors come with specialized features in polarization, plating, and structure. Headers are low profile and come in shrouded versions with or without eject latches. Receptacles have strain relief covers for precise alignment.

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