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Amphenol designs and manufactures high-performance antennas specializing in Base Transceiver Station (BTS) and Small Cell Antennas for macro, iDAS and oDAS systems. We also offer transmission line products and other radio frequency (RF) peripherals including Base Station Antennas and RET Systems, Small Cell Antennas, Transmission Line Products and RF Conditioning Products. At a smaller scale, we design and manufacture internal, external, retractable, blade and many other types of antennas for wireless devices and antennas for automotive connectivity. Our single and multi-band solutions cover all wireless bands including USGSM, GSM, PCS, DCS, UMTS, GPS, CDMA, DVB-H, Bluetooth, WLAN, WiMAX, and 802.11a, and 802.11b/g.

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Product Antenna LNA
Antenna LNA
Amphenol's independent amplifier box can be applied to AM, FM, and DAB frequency bands. The amplifier usually matches a corresponding antenna. It comes with a customized harness length and a standard Fakra connector.

Product Antennas for Private LTE Networks
Antennas for Private LTE Networks
Are you a property owner looking to deploy private LTE networks? Amphenol canister and panel antennas are easily deployed on rooftops, streetlamps, and pole tops. These low visual impact solutions are ideal when facing strict zoning requirements.

Product Automotive Antennas
Automotive Antennas
Amphenol’s automotive antennas and RF cable assemblies are integrated into car doors, window glass, and infotainment systems; and assembled onto vehicle roofs. From shark fin antennas to coaxial assemblies, Amphenol can provide solutions for GPS, SDARS, WIFI, Bluetooth, 3G, 4G LTE, and AM/FM.

Product Automotive Mast Antenna
Automotive Mast Antenna
Amphenol's fiber glass mast antenna is widely used in pickup trucks. The antenna covers AM, FM and DAB frequency bands. It has 2 versions of length: 595mm and 685 mm. A customized thread can be applied for installation.

Product Colinear Omni Antenna for LTE & DMR - 42XX
Colinear Omni Antenna for LTE & DMR - 42XX
The PRO-TRI 174/380-520/760-960 is a Triplex Filter (Multiplexer) used for combining /splitting 3 LMR/PMR radios, a VHF, a UHF, and an LTE to/from just one antenna. It comes in 2 versions both with SMA connectors, one for low/medium power up to 30 W per radio and one for high power radios up to 150 W per channel.

Product Distribution Network Antennas
Distribution Network Antennas
Amphenol’s series of miniature data cards and USB dongle antennas for 3G, 3.5G, and 4G LTE applications provide the performance to power high-speed mobile internet connectivity. With volumes less than 1.5cc and a customizable geometry, these multiband antennas are easily integrated into miniature data cards.

Product DPBP 70/3333-TETRA-N - Duplex Bandpass Filter
DPBP 70/3333-TETRA-N - Duplex Bandpass Filter
The DPBP 70/3333-TETRA-N is a Duplex Bandpass Filter for the European Public Safety/mission-critical network called Tetra, but it can also highly be used for the P25 networks or LMR/PMR UHF450 (380-470 MHz) radio networks. It is specked to 200 W CW and benefits among others for having a very high TX/RX Isolation and a very low Insertion Loss due to a unique silver plating in the filter house.

Product Entertainment Antennas
Entertainment Antennas
Amphenol’s high-performance WIFI antenna solutions for entertainment systems such as PlayStation, TV, and wireless sound systems enable excellent connectivity and high speeds. Multi-antennas for the MIMO system allows better reception and data rates.

Product FPC Antenna
FPC Antenna
Amphenol designs and manufactures custom FPC antennas. The FPC antenna can come with adhesive backing, on a plastic carrier, or with wire termination. FPC antennas are commonly used in smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, laptops, set-top boxes, and other devices requiring 4G, 3G, diversity, NFC, Bluetooth, and GPS frequency bands.

Product FPC FM Antenna
FPC FM Antenna
Amphenol's independent FM antenna is constructed with FPC. It has double sided adhesive tape on the back for flexible installation. Customized harness length is overmolded onto the FPC with a standard Fakra connector.

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