Amphenol is a world leader in broadband communication products for cable, satellite and telecommunications video and data networks, with industry-leading engineering, design and manufacturing expertise. We offer a wide range of products to service the broadband market, from customer premises cable and interconnect devices to distribution cable and fiber optic components, as well as interconnect products integrated into headend equipment. Our solutions address high-speed telecommunications networks, customer premises equipment, high-speed internet hardware, network switching equipment, satellite interface devices and set-top boxes.

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Product D-Sub
Positronic D-Sub connectors are widely used in space, industrial, military, medical, and communications applications. With the broad range of accessories, customization, military qualifications, and industrial standards, Positronic D-subs have been meeting the technical requirement of customers for decades.

Product D-Sub High Density Connectors
D-Sub High Density Connectors
The I/O connection system has been a common interface to electronic applications for a long time. These products are applied to nearly all markets & applications, from industrial control to telecommunications. ALTW D-Sub connectors are developed in 5 different standard housing fit for standard/high-density pin contact & sealed for ingress protection up to IP68.

Product D-Sub Slimline
D-Sub Slimline
ULTRA SLIM D-SUB CONNECTORS FCI Basics has expanded the D-Sub connectors with a modified ultra-slim body with contact alignment in a single row. These are available both in SMT termination suitable for reflow soldering and solder tail version for standard wave soldering. These connectors also feature solderable retention pegs that absorb vibration.

Product DVI Connectors
DVI Connectors
Amphenol LTW DVI Connectors feature a 1.5A current rating, a ≤20mΩ contact resistance, and a ≥1000MΩ @ 500VDC insulation resistance rating. These DVI Connectors have a copper alloy, gold-plated contacts, and steel, nickel-plated shell.

Product ExaMAX® VS High-Speed Backplane Connector
ExaMAX® VS High-Speed Backplane Connector
The ExaMAX® VS backplane system is a scalable, cost-optimized connector system designed for higher bandwidth applications up to 25Gb/s. The high-performance connector system provides both mechanical robustness and superior signal integrity, minimizing channel performance variation for every differential pair.

Product Extremeport-Flash
Amphenol’s Extremeport-Flash is an extreme low mating height, easy-to-release high-speed cable solution. We designed 95ohm Flash mainly to support near chip (under heat sink) to IO application, and the mating height is lower than 5mm. Flash can support 56G PAM4, and scalable to 112G PAM4 application, and plug is with pull tab design feature for easy release.

Product Extremeport-MCIO(Mini Cooledge IO)
Extremeport-MCIO(Mini Cooledge IO)
Amphenol's Mini Cooledge IO(MCIO) is a high-speed, small mechanical size cable solution. Amphenol MCIO product is now being specified in the SFF group and the project number is SFF-TA-1016. MCIO cable can support PCIe Gen5, and is scalable to PCIe Gen6 and 112G PAM4. We developed 85ohm and 95ohm solutions to support different applications.

Product Extremeport-Swift
Amphenol’s Extremeport-Swift is an extreme low profile(mating height<9mm), robust mechanical, and excellent SI performance cable solution. The cable assembly and connector can support PCIe Gen5, and the SI performance is scalable to PCIe Gen6 and 112G PAM4. We can provide straight, right angle, and side exit plug types with 38pin, 74pin, and 124pin to support customers to optimize system layout.

Product ExtremePort™ QSFP+
ExtremePort™ QSFP+
Amphenol's ExtremePort™ QSFP+ interconnect system is comprised of a 38-position, 0.8mm pitch connector built for use in high-speed serial applications. Each port offers 4 channels to increase port density which allows for more board real estate and cost-optimized solutions. The ExtremePort™ QSFP+ connector supports next-generation 200G+ applications and transmits up to 56Gb/s PAM4 per channel.

Product Extremeport-Z-Link(Gen Z)
Extremeport-Z-Link(Gen Z)
Amphenol’s Extremeport Z-Link(Gen Z ) Connector is a scalable connector and connector interface compliant to SNIA: SFF-TA-1002. Z-Link can support PCIe Gen5, and is scalable to PCIe Gen6 and 112G PAM4. Z-Link can support high speed and power in one connector, and we developed 1C, 2C, 4C, and 4C+ connectors to support customers' different applications.

Product F-143 Connector
F-143 Connector
Building on the legacy of MIL-PRF-28876, the F-143 incorporates the latest technologies in fiber optic interconnect design. The backshells feature the Quickloc™ captivation system, developed by AFSI, that is easy to install, easy to remove the captivated aramid yarn of the cable, and recapture without cutting back the cable.

Product F2X Fiber Optic Building Entry Point
F2X Fiber Optic Building Entry Point
The building entry point (BEP) enables easy connection of buildings to your fiber optic network. The BEP can accommodate different numbers of fibers according to your needs. With the patented F2X® solution you are able to connect and measure FTTX installations faster.

Product Fiber Distribution Point Pedestals
Fiber Distribution Point Pedestals
Fiber Distribution Point Pedestals offer two-stage environmental protection of fiber optic loop distribution cable and customer service drops in FTTP deployments. Each buried pedestal includes a weather-tight interior enclosure. They can accommodate loop-through and stub-out distribution cable, ribbon and loose buffer tube type cable, branch and drop splices, and fiber slack storage.

Product Fiber Interconnect Terminals
Fiber Interconnect Terminals
Fiber Interconnect Terminals provide flexible, compact outdoor enclosure solutions for fiber aggregation or demarcation of up to 96 fiber connectors and/or 432 fiber splices with easily field upgradeable options. The flexible splicing area and bulkhead design allow for splicing or terminating all different fiber types and connectors.

Product Fiber Optic Adapters
Fiber Optic Adapters
Amphenol LTW's offers a variety of Fiber Optics adapters that allow terminating fiber optics cables to be coupled together. Available in LC & SC type for your outdoor application for your high-speed transmission requirement.

Product Fiber Optic Data Center Trunk Cable
Fiber Optic Data Center Trunk Cable
Trunk cables are used for fixed cabling between network cabinets. Pre-assembled with URM, MPO, or MDC it's application-independent and system-oriented. Especially the URM connector fits perfectly into Base8 cabling systems which are suitable for current and future transmission standards. Smart fixing of the trunk cable in distribution technology due to the integrated cable gland on the divider.

Product Fiber Optic Dome Closures
Fiber Optic Dome Closures
Fiber Optic Dome Closures (FODC) provide a versatile solution for splicing and protecting outdoor fiber connections in a familiar dome form factor. FODC units can be deployed to support a variety of topologies including strand or pole mountings, as well as below-grade vault placements.

Product Fiber Optic Fanout Cable
Fiber Optic Fanout Cable
Fanout cables are used for fixed cabling between network cabinets, mainly for breakout applications. System-oriented connector combinations make them application-independent and suitable for all Ethernet and Fibre Channel applications. Usually, 8-fold, 12-fold and 24-fold fanout cable assembled with MPO connectors one side and any common connector type on the other side could be provided.

Product Fiber Optic Loose Tube Cable
Fiber Optic Loose Tube Cable
With the pre-assembled loose tube cable, it is possible to connect your distribution technology to protected indoor or outdoor areas. Depending on the application, there is a suitable jacket for robust multi-fiber cable. Various connectors like LC, SC, or E2000 are possible with up to 96 fibers. Jelly-free constructions are available for the lowest fire load.

Product Fiber Optic Patch Cord
Fiber Optic Patch Cord
With the patch cords, it is possible to connect your active devices and distribution technology on short distances in the protected indoor area. Due to the lower cable load, more cables can be handled in the same space. Available with different connectors, like LC, SC, or URM, different cables, and fiber number and types.

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