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Cable Solutions

Amphenol Tel-Ad is a Center of Excellence in designing and implementation of cabling solutions.

Market leader for Solutions and Services in the fields of cables and connectivity.


•      Concept Design

•      Cables to Harness Design

•      Block Design

•      Build to Spec Design


•      Redesign to Cost

•      Redesign to Manufacturability

•      Redesign to Serviceability

•      Redesign to Quality

•      Redesign to Performance

Build to Spec Design

•      Designing and building most efficient and professional manufacturing Jigs and Tools

•      Optimizing China / Israel resources (assembly, sourcing, engineering and more)

•      Optimizing purchasing cost (common material, batch sizes and more)

F Connector, Drop F Connector, QC2, Connector

The QC II F-Connector is a universal compression connector that is ideally suited for professional and consumer use. The simple to use one-piece design provides a secure 360 degree compression seal resulting in maximum RF shielding performance. The all metal design of the connector body and nut allow for unparalleled electrical and mechanical performance. The detachably coupled advanced polymer compression system is pre-positioned to ensure a consistent fit with the cable and is color coded to allow differentiation between different cable series.

High-performance Primary CATV isolator and surge protector


Holland Electronics offers a full line of CATV isolators and surge protectors.

The CPI-WHP is an IEC Class Level 5 isolator offering the surge protection performance necessary to ensure the highest telecom equipment survivability. The device protects cable modems, STB's and other CPE and plant equipment from damage due to fast transients and spikes from electrical storms and power surges.

High winds, thunder, rain showers and flooding are commonplace in regions with high electrical storm activity. The CPI-WHP is rated to IP67 standards for protection against wind-blown objects and moisture - up to full submersion in a meter’s depth of water.


Drop Cable

A premier manufacturer of drop coaxial cables since 1948. Series 59, 6, and 11 products are used throughout the premises in today’s HFC networks. These products meet all industry standards, including ANSI / SCTE 74 2003, Specification for Braided 75 Ohm Flexible Coaxial Drop Cables. Available for indoor-premise, general purpose, aerial self-support, and burial applications. Times Fiber Communications’ innovations have improved the quality and reliability of the installation, therefore improving customer satisfaction. All TFC drop products are UV stable and resistant to extreme temperature variations. Do not trust the last portion of the last mile to any other cable but TFC's.

G-PF-59 Precision Push-On Adaptor

The G-PF-59 is a lab-grade, high-performance push-on F-connector adapter. The G-PF-59 has been specifically designed for high-volume testing environments demanding production efficiency, durability and reliability. This adapter utilizes precision specifications, and a special high-cycle, low-tension ground spring, allowing for low insertion force and high volume testing throughput. The G-PF-59 is particularly volume effective with high-density adapter fixtures.  In addition, a high-strength center conductor is used to ensure
high-cycle life expectancy.

•    High-Cycle Life - Exceeds 3,000 Insertions
•    Low Insertion Force for Production Throughput
•    High-Strength Center Conductor Extends Life
•    Chamfered Center Pin for Faster Insertions
•    Durable All-Brass, Nickle-Plated Construction
•    9mm F-Female Barrel Allows Panel Mounting
•    Easy-Grip Knurled Outer Body


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H-Connector Cable Assembly

Amphenol's H-Connector assemblies provide a robust and sealed connection solution for fiber to the home (FTTH) connectivity. The H-Connector end incorporates an SC/APC type connection within a slim, sealed, threaded polymer housing allowing easy connection to either a multiport terminal or in-line extension receptacle. The SC/APC connector mates to a standard adapter, providing a common interface for FTTH applications. Available with flat drop or traditional round style OSP cables, the H-Connector provides an ideal solution for direct burial, conduit, or aerial installations.

Broadband Premises Amplifier

Welcome to the IPA1000 series premises amplifier, the one that started the revolution.  The first of its kind to provide an integrated solution with passive and active ports, this device drove the "Home Run" installation standard practiced by nearly every CATV operator in the United States.  For over a decade, this premies amplifier has lead the industry in quality, features and cost, becoming a staple of the broadband industry.


The Infinity Premises, IPE series enclosures were designed with the technician in mind.  Completely reimagined using the real world needs for technicians and installers, the IPE series completes the Infinity Premises System, integrating installation hardware to work as a system.  The QuicMount Rail allows passive and active devices to snap in without hardware.  Cable Retention Slots allow installation to occur outside of the enclosure and simply slide into place.  Continuous Bosses, modular accessories, weather and UV resistant materials are just a few more of the ground breaking innovations designed into the IPE Enclosure Series.  

LMR® EZ style connectors

Times Microwave is the leader in providing high quality EZ style connectors.  These non-solder type connectors use silver or gold plated beryllium copper spring contacts for optimal cable contact and offer considerable time savings, increased performance and more reliability than traditional solder-pin connectors.  Most of our EZ connectors are available in an "X" version - no braid trim required.

RodentRepel, HardlineRodentRepel,DropRodentRepel,

RodentRepel® cables help mitigate costly repairs and replacement caused by rodent chewing damage. Amphenol solves this persistent and common problem, by utilizing a propriety non-hazardous, non-toxic, animal aversive additive in the jacketing of our RodentRepel® products. This environmentally safe, animal friendly solution does not require special handling procedures, which makes this a perfect drop-in solution for areas prone to rodent damage. Available in both drop and hardline applications, RodentRepel® cables have an optional green tracer stripe that can be added making it easily identifiable as containing the RodentRepel® additive.

Drop Cable, ShieldX

ShieldX® coax cable solution, helps solve shielding issues by providing a TriShield cable with enhanced shielding offering the following benefits: • QuadShield Performance in a TriShield Design • Technician Friendly Prep Utilizing the QuickPrep Bonded Foil Design Adopted as an Industry Standard • Enhanced Transfer Impedance Prior to Flexure • Improved Screening Attenuation Performance Prior to Flexure

Times Fiber Tech Bag

The Tech Service Bag II for broadband and CATV installers. Designed with an array of features, the Tech Service Bag II is also environmentally friendly using a reusable reel and flange, eliminating cardboard and plastic waste. It’s sturdy and water resistant body features a reinforced bottom capable of maintaining it’s shape and performing as a true technician assistant. Capable of holding a 500 ft reel on plastic flange, the coil can be changed quickly and easily. Cable reels pay off with an easy and fluid feel due to the unique side support design system preventing cable tangle, jams and reel lock. Built in pouches are great for extra storage to hold tools, connectors and even includes a padded slot for an iPad or tablet. The TFC Tech Service Bag II is designed for the active cable technician by eliminating extra trips to the truck, creating accurate drop lengths, eliminating waste and providing a comfortable accessory to carry tools and equipment.

Thermometrics NTC Thermistors Surface Mount Devices (SMD)

Thermometrics NTC Type Surface Mount Devices (SMD) are intended for temperature measurement, control and compensation. They are suitable for standard soldering techniques and availabe in a range of sizes, including 0402, 0603, 0805 and 1206.

By Amphenol Advanced Sensors | Thermometrics, Inc.


  • Nickel barrier tin-plated terminations for soldering
  • High sensitivity to changes in temperature
  • Wide operating temperature range -40°C to 125°C
  • Rugged construction
  • Excellent solderability without “tombstoning”
  • Glass-coated ceramic between electrodes for improved stability
  • Supplied in tape-and-reel packaging
  • Available in other material systems