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The compact design of the 1.0/2.3 connector series permits dense connector packing. They are ideally suited to applications where space savings is critical. Versions are available with threaded coupling mechanisms which provide positive mating or a unique push-pull coupling system which allows quick installation. Amphenol 1.0/2.3 coaxial connectors operate from DC-10 GHz. Common applications are amplifiers, base stations, routers and switching equipment.


Amphenol RF offers a full range of 4.3-10 connectors and adapters, which are engineered for the wireless market and are ideal for applications requiring low passive intermodulation, or PIM.


The 7/16 series provides superior performance for both return loss and intermodulation distortion (IMD). These connectors are very robust, extremely stable and mostly with waterproof specifications, making them ideal for applications where vibration resistance and environmental protection is important.

AARC Cable Assembly

Amphenol's harsh environment AARC plug and receptacle assemblies are available in 2-fiber or 4-fiber configurations. Based on the N-Type RF threaded connector housing, this interconnect system provides superior optical performance in outdoor environments using LC-style 1.25mm ceramic ferrules.

The corrosion resistant metal housings provide a durable and environmentally protected solution for optical connectivity in areas exposed to elements such as rain, snow, dirt, and other types of contamination.

Factory-terminated AARC assemblies are available in plug, receptacle, and in-line connector styles, and can be supplied as pigtails or jumpers in lengths starting from 1 meter. Factory-terminated AARC receptacle assemblies are available with flange, jam-nut, or in-line configurations. Amphenol’s AARC connectors are exceptionally suited for WiMax, LTE, 3G/4G/5G wireless, and base station applications.

Aluminum Busbar - Power Distribution

Custom designed power conductor made from aluminum to reduce weight and cost 


  • Cost: Approximately a 20% cost reduction relative to copper
    • Cost stability
  • Lightweight: Approximately 50% lighter than copper (includes the extra volume)


  • Variety of plating options available
  • Can be designed to replace a copper busbar considering:
    • Bend radius
    • Thermal & physical properties
    • Connections
  • Powder coating for safety

Amphenol Industrial Products Group introduces a new power connector family, the Amphe-OBTS. This innovative connector series is designed for the next generation of base stations.

Amphe-OBTS is a circular connector based on the MIL-C-26482 series 2 with clip retention contacts. Features zinc shell construction, provides EMI shielding, is shock & vibration resistant, and uses screw termination contacts making it well suited for field installation.

We offer the Amphe-OBTS in our standard 2-way 60V DC power configuration but also manufacture a 60V DC 2-way reverse gender and a 3-way 400VDC/250V AC connector. Standard current for the two pole version is 26A per contact while the three pole version supplies 16A per contact.


The Amphe-Power® Series consists of three of the time-tested and reliable families of Amphenol Industrial Connectors, all of which are MIL-5015 styles, medium to heavy duty cylindricals. This series, enhanced with RADSOK® sockets, can now handle up to 50% higher amperages. Current Amphe-Power® product lines support from 50A to 1000A continuous duty.


The Amphe-TVS connector is designed for communications equipment manufacturers with power interconnect requirements. Applications for this product would be in harsh environments such as towers, outdoor and roof-top applications. The Amphe-TVS connector offers the highest performance capabilities for severe environment applications. There are 2 insert patterns to choose from: The 2 pole for DC power and the 3 pole for AC power.

Cable Reel

Amphenol Fiber Systems International (AFSI) offers the rugged, deployable ARES (Amphenol Reel Enhanced System) reel for tactical fiber optic network applications.

The ARES reels are made with reinforced glass nylon providing a rust-resistant, lightweight and durable reel for storing and deploying fiber optic cable assemblies. Integrated slots on the reel allow them to be stacked together for storage and transit. The ARES reel also has separate payout and storage areas allowing the operator to deploy cable needed rather than the entire stored length.

AFSI’s ARES reel comes in a variety of sizes to support multiple cable lengths and types. In addition, cleaning kits can be specified to support all popular harsh environment connectors including AFSI’s TFOCA, TFOCA-II®, TFOCA-III®, TACBeam® and Pierside. Finally, AFSI offers a suite of transit cases, payout stands and backpacks as optional accessories.

Features and Benefits:

  • Meets A336463 CECOM reel drawing requirements
  • Flanges and drum are molded in one piece
  • Greater impact resistance
  • Will outperform MARS reels on drop tests
  • No damage to AFSI ARES reels, minor cracks to MARS reel
  • Can be dropped higher and withstand colder temperatures
  • Can be stacked onto OCC MARS reel
  • Can be stacked on original ARES reels
  • Professional look tool kit can be included
  • Multiple take-up flanges (divider on drum and crown)


  • US Army and Marine Corps Tactical Deployments
  • Deployable Broadcast Networks
  • Mobile Tactical Shelter Systems
  • Disaster Recovery
Cassette Modules

Amphenol cassettes are available in LGX or High Density form factor and in a full range of fiber types: Singlemode, OM3 or OM4 Multimode. Amphenol cassettes are a factory assembled and fully tested rapid deployment accessory. No tools are required for installation. Amphenol's cassettes can accommodate up to 24 fibers per cassette, with a variety of adapter options front and rear.


Amphenol’s CFP2 (surface mount receptacle connector) is considered to be a candidate of future generation multi hundred Gbps systems. CFP2 is comprised of 104 position, 0.6mm pitch host and pluggable connectors. It is rated for 28 Gbps per channel with resonance dampening for improved signal integrity. The plug connector on the mating interface improves accuracy and aids in achieving high speed performance. The CFP2 interconnect system includes insert molding assemblies for top side contacts and press-fit cage assemblies complying with IEEE and ITU-T applications.


Amphenol’s CFP2 (surface mount receptacle connector) is considered to be a candidate of future generation multi hundred Gbps systems. CFP2 is comprised of 104 position, 0.6 mm pitch host and pluggable connectors. It is rated for 28 Gbps per channel with resonance dampening for improved signal integrity. The plug connector on the mating interface improves accuracy and aids in achieving high speed performance. The CFP2 interconnect system includes insert molding assemblies for top side contacts and press-fit cage assemblies complying with IEEE and ITU-T applications.

Copper Busbar - Power Distribution

Custom designed power conductor made from copper 


  • Lower Insulation Resistance (IR) drop
  • Efficient thermal and electrical properties
  • Space saving relative to aluminum  


  • Industry standard material (commonly used/accepted)
  • Versatile connection and configuration options
  • Variety of plating options available
  • Powder coating for safety

The Amphenol CXP connectors come in a one-piece press-fit assembly system with twelve channels of up to 20 Gbps, resulting in 240 Gbps of total bandwidth. This allows our CXP to go beyond the 100 Gigabit Ethernet IEEE 802.3b,a and the InfinibandCXP12x QDR standards. The CXP series is the fastest and most dense I/O on the market today. It enables pluggable copper or optical cables to increase the flexibility of system level hardware for end users, and offers reduced cross-talk. The CXP interconnect system offers plug-to-receptacle containment with the various EMI gasket and EMI spring finger options, and is ideal for network switches, routers, servers and storage devices.

Direct Connect Solutions

Amphenol direct connect trunk solutions offer fiber optic and/or power connectivity in a single cable, with up to 48 fiber pairs and 18 copper conductors available. A single trunk enables connectivity to several RRH’s without the need for a tower top distribution box.


The direct connect hybrid trunk is the most efficient and easiest to install solution on the market. The plug and play installation system is the preferred choice of many communication equipment manufacturers and operators.


A metal canister providing a secure and reliable hoisting and grounding mechanism splits power and optical cables into separate ruggedized short branches equipped with fiber optic outdoor harsh environment connectors and optional power connectors. The connection to the RRH is ensured with fiber jumpers factory terminated with RRH interface (large range available to fit most of RRH in the market) and optional power jumpers.


The eQSFP interconnect system is comprised of a 38 position 0.8 mm pitch SMT connector, and a press-fit cage. With four channels of data in one pluggable, the system interface is capable of transferring data up to 28 Gbps / Channel, and replacing up to 4 standard SFP+ receptacles. These features result in greater port density and overall cost savings over traditional SFP+ products. Supporting standards include, Gigabit Ethernet, InfiniBand, and SONET/SDH with different data rate options. eQSFP includes cages in single and ganged configurations with multiple heat sink options supporting various thermal requirements and port status with light pipes options.

ExpressPort QSFP

The ExpressPort QSFP+/QSFP interconnect system and the stacked combos are comprised of 38-position 0.8mm pitch SMT connectors, as well as press-fit cages intended for external connections. Each port offers 4 channels which increases port density and contributes to cost savings. The ExpressPort QSFP+ E-Series connector family is rated at 28 Gbps per channel. It features as tamped and formed contact design providing improved mechanical durability, an integrated grounding structure,and resonance dampening features for superior crosstalk performance. The contact design is optimized for a smooth impedance profile resulting in improved SI performance.

ExpressPort SFP

Amphenol’s ExpressPort SFP+ 1xN connector, when combined with the ExpressPort SFP+ cage, provides data transfer speeds of up to 25 Gbps. This is the highest speed in the market for the SFP+ series. The design of the ExpressPort SFP+ connector minimizes impedance discontinuities and reflections at high data rates, and provides a 10 to 20 dB improvement in Near-End Cross talk. The connectors accept multiple transceivers per SFF-8431 and are compliant with SFF-8081 and SFF-8083 speci- fications. Our unique ExpressPort SFP+ cage features enhanced EMI shielding options in the form of metal spring fingers or elastomeric gaskets. Ganged versions are compliant with the SFF-8433 standard. The ExpressPort SFP+ 2xN combos consist of an integrated stacked connector system and a cage with compliant press-fit pins or solder tail.


The German and American automotive industries have standardized a high-performing, cost-effective RF connector based on the FAKRA and USCAR standards for automotive telematics. Utilizing a standard metal SMB connector embedded within a plastic housing that features multiple colored codes for easy identification, FAKRA connectors are designed to perform up to 6 GHz and meet the particular mechanical and environmental requirements of the automobile industry.

Flat Cable

LF Cable Assemblies

Flexible Polyimide Heaters

Polyimide flexible heaters provide excellent heat transfer to localized areas with a quick ramp and consistent hold of temperature.  Applications include, but are not limited to ; medical lab equipment, respiratory equipment, frost protection, fluid warming, instrumentation, and fiber optic devices.  The heaters can be turned on and off at specific temperatures as required. 

Flexible Printed Circuit Assemblies

Amphenol Sincere is a one stop shop for value added flexible circuits.  We will work with your engineering team from the inception of the design through full turn-key tested circuit assemblies.  Our services include design and gerber creation, DFM reviews, full in-house assembly, and testing of final product.

  • SMT and Manual Assembly
  • Wave Soldering
  •  Circuit Finishing including structural adhesives, epoxies, conformal coating, PSA adhesive, and Poron patches
  • Passive and Active Component Testing
Flexible and Rigid-Flex Printed Circuits

Amphenol Sincere provides high quality flexible printed circuit solutions for multiple markets including, but not limited to the  Industrial, Medical, Instrumentation, and Automotive markets .  By utilizing a manufacturing center of excellence in a low cost region, we offer the customer a great value at a low cost.  Our products include:

  • Single Sided Flex - Type I
  • Double Sided Flex - Type II
  • Multilayer Flex - Type III
  • Rigid-Flex - Type IV

The FME product series is used for mobile antenna applications adapted for UHF, Mini UHF, TNC, BNC and N-Type connector interfaces using between-series adapters. It is primarily used with RG-58 coaxial cables.


The HD-BNC product series features the trusted, push and turn interface of a traditional BNC, providing tactile feedback and a positive lock for quick and guaranteed mating.


The HD-EFI connector series is a solution for board-to-board RF applications, especially for the broadband and wireless marketplaces. The HD-EFI interface utilizes a proprietary configuration that allows for an extremely stable RF signal over the full axial range of the connector system. It utilizes a generous “float” to compensate for the axial and radial misalignment due to packaging tolerances. 

IP-FX Housing

The Amphenol IP-FX is a sealed, outdoor feedthru housing that is designed to provide dust and water protection for assemblies mating to outdoor enclosures and transmission equipment. The IP-FX is suitable to protect several connector types including LC Duplex, RJ45, USB, and others.

The unique design of the IP-FX housing allows it to be supplied on factory terminated (tested cables) or field installed over existing cables such as LC Duplex or RJ45, making it an ideal solution for conversion from legacy systems to newer transmission equipment. IP-FX housing mates to equipment or enclosures that are pre-fitted with the FullAXS® -style receptacle, providing a water and dust sealed interface when mated. Applications include connection to Remote Radio Units (RRU/RRH), FTTA equipment and other outdoor systems.

J-Connector Housing

The Amphenol optical J-connector housing is designed for optical connectivity to outdoor installed electronics. Using a ‘Direct Connect’ topology, the J-Connector accepts either SFP or SFP+ pluggable transceivers, effectively transforming the passive optical assembly into an active, electrical interface. This connection method allows quick and easy replacement of the optics and allows re-configuration for upgrades.

The field installable version can be installed over an existing outdoor simplex or duplex LC assembly for applications requiring on-site or local assembly manufacturing. The J-Connector optical bulkhead receptacle is designed to accept any MSA compliant SFP or SFP+ transceiver, providing both an IP67 grade water and dust ingress protection as well as grounding to the panel/cage for improved EMI shielding.

LC Connector and Cable Assembly

Amphenol Fiber Optic Product's LC small form factor (SFF) connectors utilize the familiar RJ-45 latching mechanism. The LC provides great space savings in the network. With accelerated growth demanding greater bandwidth in less physical space, LC connectors have been established as the connector of choice for high density patch panels and installations. Amphenol’s LC connectors and cable assemblies are an easy-to-use, low-cost solution without any sacrifice of performance. Amphenol LC connectors are compliant to EIA/TIA-604-10 and IEC 61754-20.

LCX 1RU Fiber Patch Panel - 288-Port Patch Chassis

Amphenol Telect designed LCX fiber splice panels and LCX fiber patch panels of various densities to suit network fiber splice, patching and routing requirements.

Interconnection and cross-connection cabling from above or below enter at the two front corners of each LCX panel via isolation hooks and/or radius control arcs (sold separately) installed on-site to suit the application and entry/exit direction.

Eight split arcs and 24 snap-in cable rings are standard with each panel. Amphenol Telect also offers optional kits (KIT-CMHOOK, KIT-CMRHOOK, KIT-CMARK) to satisfy cable management practices requiring multiple arcs or guide posts to separate and isolate groups of fiber cables.

1RU models have densities up to 24 fiber terminations. Instead of front or rear doors, 1RU panels have a removable sliding drawer that can be extended at the front or rear of the chassis to maximize access to fiber connections.

Pivoting arcs at corner entries and exits provide cable management. Entry and exit positions are compatible with entries and exits of other Amphenol Telect LCX panels.

Prodcut Number: LCX-P281L