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AARC Cable Assembly

Amphenol's harsh environment AARC plug and receptacle assemblies are available in 2-fiber or 4-fiber configurations. Based on the N-Type RF threaded connector housing, this interconnect system provides superior optical performance in outdoor environments using LC-style 1.25mm ceramic ferrules.

The corrosion resistant metal housings provide a durable and environmentally protected solution for optical connectivity in areas exposed to elements such as rain, snow, dirt, and other types of contamination.

Factory-terminated AARC assemblies are available in plug, receptacle, and in-line connector styles, and can be supplied as pigtails or jumpers in lengths starting from 1 meter. Factory-terminated AARC receptacle assemblies are available with flange, jam-nut, or in-line configurations. Amphenol’s AARC connectors are exceptionally suited for WiMax, LTE, 3G/4G/5G wireless, and base station applications.

Direct Connect Solutions

Amphenol direct connect trunk solutions offer fiber optic and/or power connectivity in a single cable, with up to 48 fiber pairs and 18 copper conductors available. A single trunk enables connectivity to several RRH’s without the need for a tower top distribution box.


The direct connect hybrid trunk is the most efficient and easiest to install solution on the market. The plug and play installation system is the preferred choice of many communication equipment manufacturers and operators.


A metal canister providing a secure and reliable hoisting and grounding mechanism splits power and optical cables into separate ruggedized short branches equipped with fiber optic outdoor harsh environment connectors and optional power connectors. The connection to the RRH is ensured with fiber jumpers factory terminated with RRH interface (large range available to fit most of RRH in the market) and optional power jumpers.

Hardline Cable, Semiflex Cable, Trunk, Distribution

A premier manufacturer for coaxial cables for the telecommunications industries. Our product profile provides designs for specialized applications needing single coaxial and multi-coaxial cables in various sizes, combinations, and specifications for telecommunications as well as the radio, video, TV and information industries.

The T10-TX10 Hardline cable line is a seamless extruded tube. TFC’s T10-TX10 cable will outlast the standard welded tube cables.  This cable is designed to eliminate pinhole leaks and microcracking. This cable line can be used with all the coring tools and connectors

IP-FX Housing

The Amphenol IP-FX is a sealed, outdoor feedthru housing that is designed to provide dust and water protection for assemblies mating to outdoor enclosures and transmission equipment. The IP-FX is suitable to protect several connector types including LC Duplex, RJ45, USB, and others.

The unique design of the IP-FX housing allows it to be supplied on factory terminated (tested cables) or field installed over existing cables such as LC Duplex or RJ45, making it an ideal solution for conversion from legacy systems to newer transmission equipment. IP-FX housing mates to equipment or enclosures that are pre-fitted with the FullAXS® -style receptacle, providing a water and dust sealed interface when mated. Applications include connection to Remote Radio Units (RRU/RRH), FTTA equipment and other outdoor systems.

PT-LC Cable Assembly

Amphenol's harsh environment PT/LC plug assemblies and mating receptacles leverage the proven MIL-DTL-26482 spec connector system to provide an environmental seal and mechanical protection for 2 fiber duplex LC style connections.

Available with either a quick-mate bayonet or anti-vibration threaded coupling, the PT/LC provides a simple and reliable sealed connection. Factory terminated PT/LC plug assemblies, in various lengths, can be provided as jumpers to connect with most any industry standard optical connectors, allowing hassle free integration with existing hardware.

The PT/LC receptacle accepts standard simplex or duplex LC assemblies to provide cost effective connections to active devices or patching with LC pigtails or jumpers. The PT/LC is capable of performing in the toughest environments and is exceptionally suited for WiMax, LTE, 3G/4G/5G wireless, small cell and base station applications. Many available receptacle mounting configurations and cable types allow installation into almost any system or application.

PT-MPO Cable Assembly

Amphenol harsh environment PT-MPO plug assemblies and mating receptacles leverage the proven MIL-DTL-26482 spec connector system to provide an environmental seal and mechanical protection for 4 to 24 fiber MPO style connections.

The PT-MPO metal bayonet connector system is quick to deploy, requiring only ¼ turn. It is a metal construction and has a positive latching system (both audible and visual). Factory-terminated PT-MPO plug assemblies are available in lengths starting from 1 meter and can be provided as jumpers with breakouts to connect with most industry standard optical connectors, allowing hassle-free integration.


The PT-MPO receptacle accepts industry standard MPO patch cables to be used inside the enclosure, allowing simple connection to QSFP devices, or can be used with a breakout cable for discrete single fiber or SFP connections. Amphenol’s PT-MPO connectors are exceptionally suited for WiMax, LTE, and other applications requiring more than 2 fibers. The PT-MPO is capable of performing in even the toughest environments.

Thermometrics NTC Thermistors Surface Mount Devices (SMD)

Thermometrics NTC Type Surface Mount Devices (SMD) are intended for temperature measurement, control and compensation. They are suitable for standard soldering techniques and availabe in a range of sizes, including 0402, 0603, 0805 and 1206.

By Amphenol Advanced Sensors | Thermometrics, Inc.


  • Nickel barrier tin-plated terminations for soldering
  • High sensitivity to changes in temperature
  • Wide operating temperature range -40°C to 125°C
  • Rugged construction
  • Excellent solderability without “tombstoning”
  • Glass-coated ceramic between electrodes for improved stability
  • Supplied in tape-and-reel packaging
  • Available in other material systems


TxRx Cable Assembly

Amphenol's TxRx Harsh Environment Interconnect system is designed to provide an outdoor LC-based sealed connection to a board mounted SFP or RJ45 device within a sealed enclosure. The system is designed to provide IP67 dust and water protection when connector and receptacle are mated or with dust caps installed. Plug cap includes integrated pulling eye for easy installation. Amphenol’s TxRx assemblies are exceptionally suited for WiMax, LTE, wireless, wireless backhaul and base station applications.