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0.80mm Board-To-Board 100Ω - G832MC Series Connector

Amphenol high speed board-to-board connectors provide high contact force reliability ensuring strong connectivity, forced insertions, and removals.

Broad range of stacking heights and pin counts are offered to provide maximum design flexibility.

Amphenol 0.80mm pitch connector design is suitable for high performance applications.

  • Superior signal integrity (SI) performance
  • High contact force ensures mating reliability
  • Polarization key at pin edge to prevent misalignment
  • All stack heights meet SAS 3.0, 12GT/s
  • Gold flash plating protects against corrosion
1.00mm Flex Connectors

Amphenol ICC, a leader in flex circuit connectors offers the most innovative and complete range of products in the industry. Amphenol ICC offers products in LIF (low insertion force) and ZIF (zero insertion force), top and bottom contact options, vertical and right angle orientations, surface mount and through hole terminations in contact spacing options all the way down to 0.2mm with finer pitch products on the way.

Additional features, such as optional cable locks and additional mounting devices, insure that Amphenol ICC has a solution for almost any application, no matter how demanding.

As your connection to innovation, Amphenol ICC continues to bring you unique solutions that not only give you the footprint you need but help to maximize the quality level of your application. Many of our flex circuit connectors offer ZIF with prehold, which applies a small retention force on the cable to hold it in place until the actuator is locked. Amphenol ICC introduced the first flex connector with a back side flip actuatorthat allows the user to insert the flex cable and lock the actuator with one hand. Amphenol ICC improved that feature on many products by modifying the connector housing to provide visual confirmation that the flex cable is mated properly. Amphenol ICC was also the company that first brought you the option of an FFC/FPC connector under 1mm in height. These features combine to insure your application has the highest quality possible when it leaves your site. Utilizing 1.00mm contact spacing has become an economical way to circuit connectors in the industry to terminate displays as well as make difficult board to board connections.

1.20mm Wire To Board Connector

Amphenol ICC's new 1.2mm pitch wire to board connectors are low profile (mated height of 2.50mm) and compact with pin count availability for 3, 4 and 6 pin counts. The plug and receptacle uses a frictional mating method to provide the retaining function to enable up to 20 mating cycles.

The low profile and compact design of the connector gives its advantage in applications where space is tight and the enclosed receptacle profile make sure that the side entry matings are easy in tight spaces. The additional polarized key slots prevent any misalignment issues between the plug and receptacle.

1.25mm Wire To Board Connector

Amphenol ICC's 1.25mm pitch wire-to-board connector series is designed for a wide variety of applications in Industrial, Automotive and Consumer markets.

The range consists of terminals, crimp housings and PCB headers in straight and right angle, surface mount and through mount configurations. It is a single row design, available with from 2 to 15 circuits. A crimping application tool is also available for wire harness assembly.

Unlike many other products for the same applications, Amphenol ICC's 1.25mm Wire-To-Board range conforms to the EU Industry Safety Standard, PCB header material meets halogen free requirements and the products can be operated in the temperature range from -40°C to +105°C.


SV Microwave's extreme frequency 1.85mm connectors were designed for mode free operation through 65 GHz. The interface uses a mostly air-dielectric with a support bead that is set back in the body of the connector to reduce bead interaction in a mated pair. Like the 2.92mm and 2.4mm connector, the body has been designed to ensure that the outer conductors engage before the center conductors make contact. The 1.85mm interface uses an M7 thread and is compatible only with the 2.4mm interface. 


  • High Speed Digital
  • Instrumentation
  • Military
  • Aerospace
  • Satellite Communication Equipment (SATCOM)
  • Cable Assemblies
  • Test and measurement

Features and Benefits:

  • Excellent performance DC to 65 GHz
  • Compatible with 2.4mm Connector Series
  • Air Dielectric; Captivated Center Contact
  • Ruggedized Construction for Repeatability and Reliability


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12G & 6G SAS Connectors

The 29-position, SAS receptacle and plug connectors enable the implementation of the high-speed, Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) hard disk drive (HDD) interface that is replacing the SCSI drive connection in enterprise storage applications in servers and storage systems. This range conforms to SFF8482, SFF8680 and is capable of meeting up to 12Gb/s.

The SAS connector system is designed to support hot plugging and blind mating of HDDs. Staggered contact lengths provide sequential mating of contacts to enable hot plugging. Molded guide posts provide angled lead-in to compensate for connector misalignment, allowing the device plug and the receptacle to self-align during the mating process. Most connectors also feature stamped retention clips that provide additional mechanical strength for robust PCB attachment.

Amphenol ICC also offers wide-base housing options on vertical backplane receptacles for even more stability.

The high-speed, serial interface is designed to support differential signaling, initially at speeds of 3Gb/s and evolving to 12Gb/s. A SAS receptacle accepts either SAS or SATA (Serial ATA) drives, giving the system manufacturer the option to plug either drive to a backplane. Because both technologies have similiar electrical interfaces, users have the choice of deploying cost-effective SATA drives for bulk storage or higher-performance SAS drives for mission-critical applications.

Amphenol ICC offers a wide range of SAS plug and receptacle connectors for enterprise applications. Vertical and right angle connector configurations provide options for use in servers, server or storage blades, storage backplanes, HDD carriers and HDDs.

12X InfiniBand

High Speed Cables

15mm Position Sensor/ Potentiometer

The N15 series offers an SMD and Through Hole mount solution for the majority of Position/Rotary Sensor and  multi-purpose Control applications such as:

  • Automotive HVAC, Seat, Rear-view mirror actuator feedback sensors and HVAC Controls.
  • Temperature Control for Boilers, Wall Heaters, Showers, Radiators, Conventional and Microwave Ovens, Freezers...
  • Timer & Function/Programme Select for Washing  Machines, Dishwashers and all White Goods in general.
  • Size and Position detectors.
Standard Features:
  • Conceived and designed for easy customisation.
  • SMD or Through-hole Mount.
  • Endless Rotation (360º).
  • Wide Electrical Angle (340º +/-10º).
  • Extended Mechanical Life (100k cycles).
  • Working Temperature Range: -40ºC to +120ºC.
  • Low Profile.
  • Linearity 3%. 
  • Embossed Tape or Bulk packaging.
  • Reflow Soldering capability.
  • Shaft insertable from both sides.
  • Polarised "T" rotor (European Home Appliance standard).
  • All PT/ PTC 15 shafts compatible.
  • IP54 protection according to IEC 60529.

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Solderless RF PCB Edge Launch Connectors

SV Microwave’s high speed RF/coaxial solderless edge launch connectors are ideal for high frequency PCB applications where precision is key. These rugged, durable and reuseable connectors accommodate multiple PCB thicknesses and do not cause damage to the printed circuit board.  Current interface configurations include our high frequency SMA, 2.92mm, 2.4mm and 1.85mm series.

Features / Benefits: 

  • Solderless compression mount for fast and easy installation (includes screws)
  • SMA, 2.92mm, 2.4mm, and 1.85mm series available
  • Cost effective solutions for testing
  • Durable and rugged design
  • Customized PCB footprint design through simulation optimization
  • Adjustable for multiple PCB thicknesses
  • Minimal reflections through impedance matched PCB Launch


  • RF test and measurement boards
  • Rapid prototyping
  • High speed digital component test
  • Military and Aerospace

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5G RF Connectors

SV offers a variety of millimeter wave (mmWave) coaxial cable assemblies and connectors for 5G mobile communication development and production. Our extreme frequency (26 GHz and beyond) push-on and threaded RF connectors offer industry leading signal fidelity in the 5G frequency spectrum and unique packaging designs for high density requirements. Let SV Microwave be your partner in 5G product development.

Features / Benefits:

  • Solderless RF PCB compression mounts for fast and easy installation
  • Multiport configurations available to maximize layout spacing
  • Custom optimized PCB footprint designs available through simulation
  • Series: SMA, 2.92mm, 2.4mm and 1.85mm
  • COTS versions available through distribution


  • 5G Wireless Infrastructure
  • Smart Cities and agriculture
  • Embedded computing
  • Precision thin substrate mounting
  • Ideal for high speed PCB materials
  • RF test and measurement
  • Stripline, microstrip and coplanar waveguide PCB launch

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AAS-AQS-UNO Engineering Evaluation Board

The AAS-AQS-UNO Engineering Evaluation Board is used to evaluate the Telaire air quality sensors. It can support T9602 temperature and humidity sensors, T6713 carbon dioxide sensors, SM-PWM-01C dust sensors and other sensors from the Amphenol range. Moreover, the OLED display and Bluetooth output can be supported at the same time. This evaluation board is designed to speed up evaluation and development of the relevant sensors. The serial output can be configured to send sensor data to a PC over the USB connection for recording and analysis in 3rd party software.


  • Arduino development platform, open source code
  • Reserved SM-PWM-01C dust sensor interface
  • Reserved T6713 carbon dioxide sensor interface
  • Reserved T9602 temperature and humidity sensor interfaces
  • Reserved laser dust sensor interface
  • Support Bluetooth BLE4.0 OSPF module
  • Support the 128 * 64 OLED screen
  • External USB power supply
  • Sample code available on

By Amphenol Advanced Sensors | Telaire



AirMax VS2®

AirMax VS2® connectors provide a migration path from AirMax VS® for speeds up to 20Gb/s, providing margin of safety for typical 802.3ap system performance with the flexibility of an open pin field design. The connectors leverage AirMax VS® and VSe® design features and technology to achieve improved signal integrity and mechanical attributes compared to AirMax VS® connectors.

The connector utilizes Amphenol ICC technology for a shieldless design with no metallic plates and closely coupled differential pair design to yield low loss and low crosstalk.

AirMax VS2® connectors are mating-compatible to both AirMax VS® and AirMax VSe® connectors and require no changes to connector PCB footprints. The mating-compatible interfaces and capability to preserve critical pin assignments can provide opportunities for cost savings as new and upgraded equipment is deployed. For example, a backplane or chassis can be designed to allow the installation and continued use of legacy daughter cards, line cards, or blades that are already in the field as well as new or future higher-speed module cards.

Right angle and vertical receptacles and headers support backplane, midplane and coplanar applications.

AirMax VSe®

Next-generation AirMax VSe® connectors provide a migration path for up to 25Gb/s per differential pair with the flexibility of an open pin field design. The connectors also feature backwards mating-compatible interfaces to existing AirMax VS® connectors with minimal changes to connector footprints.

The connectors combine Amphenol ICC technologies for a shieldless design with no metallic plates and closely edge-coupled differential pairs with innovative design improvements to yield low loss and low crosstalk.

Right angle receptacles and right angle headers will support backplane, midplane or coplanar applications.

The mating-compatible interfaces and capability to preserve critical pin assignments can provide opportunities for cost savings as new or upgraded equipment is deployed. For example, a backplane or chassis can be designed to allow the installation and continued use of legacy daughter cards, line cards or blades that are already in the field as well as new or future higher-speed module cards.

AirMax VS®

The AirMax VS® connectors use innovative edge-coupling and air dielectric between adjacent conductors to deliver insertion loss and crosstalk. This technology, invented by Amphenol ICC, enabled low cost, high performance connectors that are a leading backplane interconnect solution for telecom, networking, server, and storage applications.

The shieldless Open Pin Field Design with no pre-assigned ground pins provides the ultimate flexibility in board layout. The AirMax VS® connectors addresse a broad range of system architectures, including backplane, midplane, coplanar, midplane orthogonal, cabled backplane, and mezzanine applications.

This is a broad, high volume product family that system continues to earn business when competing with the many more expensive and complex shielded connector systems. This is due in part because of its high density, simple modular construction and low cost.

Further enhancements of the AirMax® product family are seeing speeds increase up to 25Gb/s, enabling customers to design electronic systems that are highly functional and cost effective. This enables backward compatibility with legacy systems and forward compatibility with the most advanced designs.

BarGuide® Connectors

BarGuide® connectors provides a high current power interconnection with quick connect/disconnect function for space constrained board-to-board, board-to-busbar, and busbar-to-busbar power distribution applications.

Large surface contact area ensures small voltage loss, minimum heat generation and low insertion/ extraction forces

Current carrying capacity from 65Amps to 140Amps

Press-fit tails for mounting on both circuit boards and busbars

Vertical design for parallel/mezzanine applications

BarKlip® BK150 Connector


The BarKlip® BK150 connector features 10 independent conducting beams that maintain contact with the mating busbar in common misaligned positions, therefore lowering resistance connectors.

Up to 170A at 30°C temperature rise in still air

10 independent points of contact for low resistance and high reliability

Optional grounding shield on the board connector

Stainless steel helper spring ensures proper mating force and contact resistance

AGT® plated contacts deliver lower resistance without the high cost of gold

BarKlip® BK300 Connector


The BarKlip® BK300 connector features 14 independent conducting beams that maintain contact with the mating busbar in common misaligned positions, therefore lowering resistance.

  • Up to 350A at 30°C temperature rise in still air
  • 14 independent points of contact for low resistance and high reliability
  • AGT® plated contacts deliver lower resistance without the high cost of gold
BergStak HS™ 0.50mm Mezzanine Connector - Basics


BergStak HS™ 0.50mm connector is a flexible solution designed for high speed and high density, parallel board-to-board applications with various heights in different sizes.

The BergStak HS™ series meets the new 25Gb/s performance requirement.

  • Available in 50 positions
  • Available in 12mm stack height
  • 5 and 8mm stack heights, and up to 120 pin configurations available upon request
BergStak+™ 0.80mm Mezzanine Connector


BergStak+™ 0.80mm is designed to be the next generation PCIe 4.0 compliant mezzanine connector system. It is fully compatible with the existing BergStak® 0.80mm product recommended by the Open Compute Project (OCP).

Backward mateable and footprint compatible with existing BergStak® 0.80mm

Available in 80 and 120 positions. Other position

Available in 5, 8, 12 and 16mm stack heights

Bergstak® 0.50mm Mezzanine Connector

The BergStak® product range is expanded to include 0.5mm mezzanine connectors.

Available in 3mm to 6mm stack height options in 0.5mm increments, this connector is also offered in 10 to 60 positions in 10 position increments.

Designed with scoop-proof housing, the terminals are protected from damage when parts are mated.

BergStak® 0.5mm mezzanine connector comes with two options: Metal hold-down option ensures higher retention force; Locating pegs option eases manual assembly. Both options can be configured within a single connector.

BergStak® 0.5mm mezzanine connector is a comprehensive and versatile solution. The 0.5mm double row contact pitch feature saves space on PCB and is highly suitable for high density applications in consumer and industrial markets.

Bergstak® 0.80mm Pitch Connector


Amphenol ICC's BergStak® 0.8mm is a flexible solution designed for high speed and high density, parallel board-to-board connector system with 16 PCB stack heights in 9 sizes up to 200 positions.

Housing and terminal profile guarantees support of up to 12Gb/s

Vertical versus vertical mating configuration

40 to 200 position sizes in 20 position increments

5mm to 20mm stack heights in 1mm increments

BergStik 2.54mm - Basics

BergStik® 2.54mm unshrouded headers are available in surface-mount (SMT), through-hole (THT), press-fit, stacking and pin-in-paste (PIP) versions. Designed in single and double row, they are available in straight or right angle options, from 2 to 72 positions.

Featuring a "breakaway" design, each connector can be cut or broken to length to suit the application profile. The maximum current rating is 3A per contact.

This product range is extended with BergStik® 2.54mm unshrouded vertical headers in 0.25μm plating, available in standard sizes. It offers an economical solution for various applications. It is also specified up to 100 mating cycles.

BergStik® product range provides Board-to-Board, Wire to-Board and Cable-to-Board interconnect solutions for all electronic equipment and devices.

Boltrack™ Connector

Boltrack™ connector is a robust and reliable interconnect solution. It features high power and signal performance, small form factor, field termination, EMI shielding, lightning protection and resistivity to over voltages. Boltrack™ connector comes in 4 pair right angle board and plug mating combination.

  • High power delivery capability
  • Superior signal integrity and resistivity to surge voltage
  • LED, press-fit and pin-in-paste options for board connector
  • Small form factor with 4 additional pins option
  • Plug with dual beam contacts and 4 point IDC

In an era of hyper connectivity, Internet of Things (IoT) calls for more Power over Ethernet (PoE) enabled devices on the network. Besides this, PoE market continues to expand as increased power levels support broader range of powered devices. There is a growing demand for higher power delivery of 100 Watts plus over the four pair ecosystem. At the same time, prolific data growth demands connectors with good signal integrity performance. Boltrack™ connector enables best in class power and signal performance.

Telaire Calibration Accessories | Kits, Enclosures, Software & Cables

We offer a number of accessories for the Telaire line, including calibration kits, enclosures, software and cables.

Calibration Kits

The Calibration Kit Model T2075NG includes the necessary components for calibrating the Telaire® 7001 and Ventotstat 8000 series models. The kit is housed in a carrying case (calibration not gas included). Calibration Kit Model T2076NG calibrates the Vaporstat T9002.

Accessory Enclosures

Telaire offers three enclosures to expand the Ventostat and Vaporstat installation options: Model T1508 Aspiration Box, Model T1505 Splash Resistant Enclosure, Model T1551/T1552 Outdoor Air Enclosure.


Windows based VG Graphing Software allows you to easily download your IAQ measurements and customize graphs.

Not available outside the US.

By Amphenol Advanced Sensors | Telaire


Clincher™ Flex Connectors

The Clincher™ 2.54mm pitch connector family includes single-row pin and receptacle connectors designed for termination to flat flexible circuitry. Amphenol ICC's proven Clincher design has become the standard by which other products are judged. The addition of keying and active latching options to the receptacle offering make Clincher products the smart choice for even more applications. All receptacle connectors use the same customer-preferred and patented Clincher contact and are ideal for applications where shock or vibration are concerns.

Telaire T6613

Compact CO2 Module Designed to Integrate Into Existing Controls and Equipment

The Telaire T6613 is a compact CO2 sensor module for use in HVAC applications, offering patented ABC logic technology and a lifetime calibration guarantee. It is designed to meet the volume, cost, and delivery expectations of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).



  • An affordable gas sensing solution for OEMs.
  • A reliable sensor design based on 15 years of engineering and manufacturing expertise.
  • Flexible CO2 sensor platform designed to interact with other microprocessor devices.
  • Eliminates the need for calibration in most applications with patented ABC Logic software.
  • Lifetime calibration warranty.


By Amphenol Advanced Sensors | Telaire


Telaire T3000 Series

The Telaire T3000 Series is a range of sensors designed to meet the specific needs of customers who require measuring Carbon Dioxide in harsh or difficult environments. Based on a series of modules the casing offers a number of combinations to meet the needs of range, supply voltage, and output type in a range of applications. Example applications include incubators, buses, refrigerators, subway stations, and railway carriages.


  • Accurate carbon dioxide transmitter for HVAC control applications
  • Easy mount with 2 external tabs.
  • Rated up to IP67 (build dependent)
  • Available with potting
  • Different calibrations available up to 20% CO2 concentration
  • Analogue or digital output options
  • Non-Dispersive Infra-Red measuring technology
  • Sensors are shipped factory calibrated
  • Accuracy for 10 year life
  • Extended operating temperature range

By Amphenol Advanced Sensors | Telaire



SV Microwave is excited to launch our new line of high frequency solderless coaxial PCB edge launch connectors! These rugged and durable interconnects are adjustable to accommodate multiple PCB thicknesses and do not cause damage to the printed circuit board.  Current interface configurations include our high frequency SMA, 2.92mm, 2.4mm and 1.85mm series.  Additionally, these cost effective testing solutions are readily available through distribution.  When precision and performance matters, connect with SV!


  • Fast and easy PCB installation without solder
  • Cost effective testing solutions
  • Durable rugged stainless steel design
  • SMA, 2.92mm, 2.4mm & 1.85mm series available
  • Adjustable for multiple PCB thicknesses
  • Minimal reflections through impedance matched PCB Launch
Cool Edge 0.80mm Connectors

Cool Edge Hybrid Power and Signal connectors bring high speed and high power into a one-piece card-edge package. These versatile solutions address multiple standards like PCIe, SAS/SATA, networking and offer multiple BTB configurations such as mezzanine, coplanar and midplane/backplane. Moreover, the connectors are designed as Open Pin Field and are hot plug capable.

  • Modular tooling allows multiple power-signal combinations for vertical configuration
  • Right angle and straddle mount options are available upon request
  • Comes with Cable-to-Board option
  • High Speed 0 ‐ 32Gb/s (or 56Gb/s PAM4) capability
  • Supports multiple impedance systems
Cool Edge 1.00mm PCIe Connectors

Cool Edge Signal connectors bring high speed PCIe support into a one-piece card edge package with 16Gb/s Gen4 and 32Gb/s Gen 5 capabilities. Slim connector design saves space on the motherboard while facilitating other higher density applications. Housing design is kept simple with an overall reduced footprint, providing additional benefits over Standard PCIe solutions.

  • Supports speeds up to 32Gb/s
  • Saves more space than Standard PCIe solution
  • Enhanced signal integrity using conductive plastic design
  • Simple housing design allow vertical AOI inspection