SBD-88 & SBD-204 CATV Diplexers


The Holland Electronics’ SBD-88 and SBD-204 diplexers are utilized for either combining or separating sub-band and forward path signals.  The SBD-88 operates from 1-88.2Mhz within the sub-band, and from 102-1218 MHz in the forward path.  The SBD-204 operates within the 1-204Mhz in the sub-band, and 258-1218Mhz in the forward path.  Both diplexers offer excellent insertion loss performance† from distribution system to head-end.  These diplexers can also be used to enable unidirectional amplifiers to provide bi-directional amplification.


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SBD-88 & SBD-204 CATV Diplexers