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Thermometrics Diode Series of Glass-Encapsulated NTC Thermistors consists of a range of NTC chip thermistors in DO-35 style glass package (diode outline) with axial solder-coated copper-clad steel wires. Glass body provides hermetic seal and voltage insulation and excellent stability. Designed for accurate temperature measurement, control and compensation in various applications, including automotive, telecom, HVAC and white goods. Also for use in temperature sensing for household appliances, such as rice cookers, electronic ranges and ovens, and industrial products, such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and components.


  • DO-35 style glass package (diode outline) with axial solder-coated copper-clad steel wires
  • Designed for accurate temperature measurement, control and compensation
  • Tight tolerances on resistance and B value
  • Operation up to 482°F (250°C) with excellent stability
  • Glass body provides hermetic seal and voltage insulation and excellent stability
  • Designed for cost effective solid state sensor
  • Resistant to corrosive atmospheres and harsh environments
  • Lead wires metallurgically bonded to thermistor element for improved reliability (Type GE only)
  • Available on axial bandolier to IEC-286-1/EIA-468A and packet taped to EIA RS-481 for MELF
  • Also available loose-packed with axial, radial and SMD wire forms

By Amphenol Advanced Sensors | Thermometrics, Inc.

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NTC Thermistors - Glass-Encapsulated Diode Series | Thermometrics