Amphenol is a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of high-performance interconnect systems for harsh environment military applications including vibration, pressure, humidity, nuclear radiation and severe temperature changes. We have unparalleled product breadth ranging from military specification connectors, customized high-speed board level interconnects, flexible to rigid printed circuit boards, backplane systems and integrated assemblies. Our solutions span most military end markets including avionics, communications, engines, ground vehicles and tanks, homeland security, naval, ordnance and missile systems, radar systems, rotorcraft, satellite and space programs and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

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Product SMP Connector Series
SMP Connector Series
The SMP interface is a subminiature interface in the same scale as MMCX connectors but offers a frequency range of DC to 40 GHz. It is commonly used in miniaturized high frequency coaxial modules and is offered in both push-on and snap-on mating styles.

Product SMPM/SMPS VITA 67.3 RF Terminations
SMPM/SMPS VITA 67.3 RF Terminations
This line of VITA 67.3 contact terminations prevents RF signals from reflecting back and causing damage to your embedded system. Now available for both SMPM and SMPS series. SV Microwave’s VITA product line is the latest addition to the RF / coaxial section of the VPX platform. SV Microwave is an associate member of The Open Group and an active participant of the SOSA Electro-mechanical hardware g

Product SMP, SMPM AND SMPS PCB Surface Mount Connectors
SMP, SMPM AND SMPS PCB Surface Mount Connectors
SV Microwave's new line of single port, two-port, and four-port PCB surface mount connectors are ideal for high frequency printed circuit board applications where precision is key. Current interface configurations include SMP, SMPM, and SMPS series. Take your system to the next level!

Product SMP Spring Bullets
SMP Spring Bullets
SV Microwave’s SMP spring bullets guarantee maximum RF performance by eliminating gaps between the bullet and shroud during gang mating. Additionally, these spring-loaded bullets have been designed for repeatable VSWR performance under all states of compression by solving radial misalignment issues when fully mated.

Product Solaris
Solaris is a small, plastic, easy-to-use rectangular connector designed specifically for low and medium power applications. Solaris’ spring-loaded slide lock mechanism is a snap to use - simply push to lock and slide to unlock. The slide lock provides convenient single-handed & tool-less mating, eliminating the Foreign Object Debris (FOD) found in typical screw mount D-Subs.

Product Solderless Mount Micro-D
Solderless Mount Micro-D
This standard Micro-D interface connector is equipped with Amphenol surface mount clip technology. It is fully intermateable with standard M83513 connectors but provides a reduced footprint allowing for increased contact density. It eliminates the need for washing and soldering processes saving time and cost in PCB assembly. It allows for double-sided PCB design for more components.

Product Solderless PCB Edge Launch
Solderless PCB Edge Launch
SV Microwave’s high speed RF/coaxial reduced flange edge launch connectors are ideal for high frequency PCB applications where precision is key. These rugged, durable and reusable connectors are 30% smaller than the standard flange allowing for a smaller footprint on your board. Additionally, these connectors can accommodate multiple PCB thicknesses.

Product Solder-on PCB Edge Launch and Surface Mount Connectors
Solder-on PCB Edge Launch and Surface Mount Connectors
SV Microwave’s high speed RF/coaxial solder-on bulkhead edge launch and low profile surface mount connectors are ideal for high frequency PCB applications where precision is critical. These female connectors feature a new body style design and are available in SMA, 2.92mm, 2.4mm and 1.85mm series.

Product SOSA Aligned Products and Capabilities
SOSA Aligned Products and Capabilities
As a member of SOSA's standards committees, SV Microwave spearheaded the effort to include RF industry-recognized interfaces like SMPM and SMPS as open standards. Watch the video below, and partner with SV on your next SOSA aligned project.

Product Spaceflight
High-performance connectors that meet the stringent qualifications required for space flight, including the Goddard Space Flight Center S-311 and MIL-DTL-24308 Class M specifications. Our D-Subminiature spaceflight series connectors work well in aviation and space flight applications.

Product Space ST Connector
Space ST Connector
A MIL-STD-83522 style connector and strain relief boot are compliant to NASAEEE-INST-002 material guidelines for space applications. The Space ST is an M83522 style variant, which features a higher spring force than commercial ST connectors, allowing it to meet the shock and vibration requirements of MIL-C-83522.

Product SP Max
SP Max
The SP Max is specifically designed for power and signal management in military, space, satellite, and commercial air applications. Its slim precision machined shell is available in three sizes with four contact sizes and twenty-one layout options available for versatility.

Product SSMC Connectors
SSMC Connectors
SSMC connectors are ideal for limited-space applications that require the security of a threaded coupling mechanism. They are best used with semi-rigid cables or miniature flexible cables in demanding applications up to 12.4 GHz.

Product Standard Caps
Standard Caps
A large selection of caps for plugs and receptacles. Protect your plugs and receptacles against dust, water, moisture, EMI, and contact bending. We provide protective caps for 38999 Series I, II, III (MIL-DTL-38999/EN3645), PT/451 Series (MIL-DTL-26482), and RJ/USB Field connectors. Standard caps, snap caps, rubber caps, and dummy receptacles are available.

Product Standard Density D-Sub
Standard Density D-Sub
Positronic offers a variety of standard and high-density D-subs, as well as accessories and ComboD-sub connectors. Highly reliable with precision-machined contacts, our connectors meet various industrial and military performance levels for applications from basic power supplies to advanced weapon systems and flight. Explore our design features including package size, contact, and mating variants.

Product Standoffs
Standoffs were designed with strength, stability, and weight reduction in mind. Our Standoffs are made with PEEK— a very strong, non-conductive/non-corrosive, and lightweight material - designed to replace heavier aluminum. They come with a locking feature for security, are designed with ribs to provide additional strength.

Product Standoffs - ABD031
Standoffs - ABD031
Standoffs were designed with strength, stability, and weight reduction in mind. ABD031 standoffs are made with black thermoplastic and conform to ABD031 flammability standards. There are two types of these standoffs - Type I has an operating temperature range of -67° to 266° and uses a screw mount; whereas Type II has an operating temperature range of -67° to 185° and uses a tie-down mount.

Product Starline - Starline Ex
Starline - Starline Ex
The Star-Line EX® series is certified for use in a Zone 1/2/21/22 hazardous environment. Classified facilities such as petrochemical refineries and land/offshore drilling systems are but a few of the applications for this broad product series. The Star-Line EX® is certified to the latest IECEx, ATEX, UL FM, EN 60079 standards, as well as the current EAC/GOST standards. Ex db/eb/tb/op-is/op-pr

Product Startop
Startop product range offers the most comprehensive range of ruggedized optical connectors based on MIL DTL 38 999 Series and its derivatives. Startop offers the intermateability with other MIL 29504.

Product Stingray
Stingray 7 series offers compact, low profile, metal shelled connectors that withstand exposure to moisture, dust, dirt, and chemicals typically encountered by First Responders, Security, and Military personnel. The magnetic, non-keyed coupling system has no moving parts and allows the connector to be easily mated without the need for pre-alignment.

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