Amphenol is a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of high-performance interconnect systems for harsh environment military applications including vibration, pressure, humidity, nuclear radiation and severe temperature changes. We have unparalleled product breadth ranging from military specification connectors, customized high-speed board level interconnects, flexible to rigid printed circuit boards, backplane systems and integrated assemblies. Our solutions span most military end markets including avionics, communications, engines, ground vehicles and tanks, homeland security, naval, ordnance and missile systems, radar systems, rotorcraft, satellite and space programs and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

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Product 711 Databus
711 Databus
A range of transformer couplers, connectors, terminators, and assemblies compliant with MIL-STD-1553B and qualified for use on Typhoon aircraft. Connectors feature #10 Twinax contacts and are available in simplex and multi-contact versions. Both simplex and duplex in-line Couplers are available as well as connectorised versions with up to 10 transformers.

Product 75 Ohms Coaxial Contacts
75 Ohms Coaxial Contacts
75Ohms Coaxial contacts are ideal for video acquisition. This contact range meets the 3G-SDI. Available in Crimp and PC Tails with three different sizes: 6, 8, and 12. This contact range fits within a standard cavity of MIL-DTL-D38999/EN3645, SIM/EN4165, ARINC, and 2M.

Product 75P Clamp
75P Clamp
75P Clamp was designed as a one-for-one replacement to outperform industry-standard metal clamps (i.e. AS21919). Featuring benefits such as a locking feature, butterfly stacking, weight savings, durable PEEK polymer band material, and multiple cushion material options that are non-conductive and non-corrosive, a versatile solution for anyone looking to reduce weight and installation time.

Product 804SLD
HE804 derivated connector for use with thermal clamps.

Product 86P Clamp
86P Clamp
86P Clamp was developed as a one-for-one replacement to outperform industry-standard metal clamps (i.e. AS21919). Featuring key value-add design elements, including separate locking and mounting locations, a bottom hinge for easy wire bundle installation, and a non-conductive, non-corrosive, PEEK polymer construction, a versatile solution for anyone looking to reduce weight and installation time.

Product 97B Reverse Bayonet Connectors
97B Reverse Bayonet Connectors
Amphenol 97B reverse bayonet coupled connectors designed to meet the requirement of MIL-DTL-5015, available in a variety of styles & classes. Connectors having features like quick mating of bayonet coupling with audible full mating features provides resistance to shock & vibration and avoid connector decoupling in even the most ruggedized application.

Product ABS2216 Composite Backshells
ABS2216 Composite Backshells
ABS2216 is a Composite backshell compatible with MIL-DTL-38999 Series III and EN3645 connectors. It features an anti-decoupling system with 3 angles: straight, 45°, and 90°. EMI and NON-EMI versions are available. The EMI backshell is provided with a band-it to better maintain the EMI sleeve. The composite backshell can handle temperature from -65° to +200°.

Product ABS2286
Self-locking plug with sleeves and spacers defined in MIL-C-5015/EN2591.

Product ACA-B Series
ACA-B Series
This series meets the applicable requirements of SAE AS95234 and VG95234 with optional RADSOK® socket contacts for up to 250 amps possible in a ruggedized harsh environment, metal, reverse bayonet coupling, power, and signal connector. With over 280 insert arrangements ranging from 1 to 85 contacts per connector with a standard operating temperature from -55°C to +125°C.

Product AC Threaded
AC Threaded
This series, meeting applicable requirements of SAE AS50151 and up to 250 amps possible with optional RADSOK® socket contacts is a general duty or ruggedized harsh environment, metal, threaded coupling, power, and signal connector. With over 275 insert arrangements ranging from 1 to 85 contacts per connector with a standard operating temperature from -55°C to +125°C.

Product Adapter / Saver
Adapter / Saver
D-Sub Gender Changers and Adapters offer a simple solution to change the functionality of your existing connector. A D-Sub Connector Saver can add longevity and durability to your system. Both are optimal to use in the prototype phase of your project.

Product Adaptor Device for Fuse, Lights or Switch
Adaptor Device for Fuse, Lights or Switch
Adaptation device between a Fuse, a Light or a switch and a Cable harness, these Amphenol Air LB France's sockets are widely used by European aircraft and helicopters manufacturers.

Product Adhesive Snap 'N Post
Adhesive Snap 'N Post
Designed as a 1-for-1 replacement to BACS31H / NMC RP1703/1704 ring posts. Wire installation time reduced from ~30sec to less than 5sec. Weight-neutral compared to BACS31H/RP1703/RP1704. Can stack in two 90° orientations. Arced rings allow for tie straps to cover remaining ±45° orientations.

Product Adhesive Standoff
Adhesive Standoff
Material options of PEEK 150GL30, or GF Ultem. Adhesion: Accommodates VHB Tape and wet processes. Can be crossed to Boeing’s BACS21DZ & Click Bond’s CB4002. Uses 1032 insert making it compatible with APH Clamps, metric option also available.

Product Adhesive Tie Mounts
Adhesive Tie Mounts
Material: GF Ultem, GF PEEK & GF Nylon. Adhesion: Accommodates VHB Tape and wet processes. Click Bond Me-Too alternative crossing to CB9302 & CB9120. Can be used with any standard MS3367 or equivalent tie-down strap.

Dedicated interface between backplanes and boards capable of providing dual redundant power, system management and high voltage auxiliary circuits to each slot within the platform. The connector’s outstanding blind mating capability can be used to align the board during insertion.

Product AFI Connector Series
AFI Connector Series
The AFI connector series is a solution for board-to-board RF applications, especially for the military and broadband marketplaces. The AFI interface utilizes a proprietary configuration that allows for industry-leading “float” to compensate for the axial and radial misalignment due to packaging tolerances.

Product AGE Power Connectors
AGE Power Connectors
AGE96929 its single pole high Ampere low voltage reverse bayonet connector meets the requirements of VG96929 standard. Shell design & mating dimensions based on VG95234 standard. Insulator split type with two-piece construction retained with constant spring force which allows exchanging crimp contacts multiple times.

Product Agnostic Media Converters
Agnostic Media Converters
Media conversion products that work across a variety of protocols.

Product Alternate to Cadmium Platings
Alternate to Cadmium Platings
Multiple options for alternate-to-cadmium platings, including Durmalon, Black Zinc Nickel, and the new AP-93 1000-hour salt spray approved plating. Amphenol uses the RoHS requirements and the latest revisions to the MIL-DTL-38999 specification to develop these platings.

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