Amphenol Broadband Solutions

Bringing Interconnected Solutions to the Telecom Market for Over 50 Years.

Bringing Interconnected Solutions to the Telecom Market for Over 50 Years.

Amphenol offers a wide range of coaxial cable, interconnect and passive products to service the broadband market, from customer premises cables and interconnect devices to distribution cable and fiber optic components. Amphenol also has diverse interconnect products deployed on a wide range of broadband equipment from sophisticated headend equipment to digital set-top boxes, high-speed cable modems and satellite interface devices. Amphenol leads the way in broadband communications.

Timothy Cooke, Director of Global Engineering

Meet Timothy Cooke,
Amphenol Broadband Solutions Director of Global Engineering

Tim Cooke is the Director of Global Engineering for Amphenol Broadband Solutions - Times Fiber.  With 35 years of industry experience, Tim has been a major contributor to the development of key technology and standards in the CATV-Broadband Industry and part of the Cable TV Pioneer Class of 2013, SCTE Senior Member, SCTE IPS Working Group 3 Chairman, SCTE IPS 1218-1794 Task Force Chairman, NFPA NEC Code Panel 16, IEC US Tag Member, and IEEE NESC SC2, SC5, & SC7 Member.

Amphenol Broadband Solutions is a global leader in communication technology development specializing in the engineering and manufacturing of cable, RF equipment and hardware, fiber optic products and wireless infrastructure.

FSB – Fiber Splice Box

New Product Highlight:
FSB – Fiber Splice Box

The FSB enclosure product offering provides improved splice management and access, a variety of modular cable port accessories and increased splice storage density in several housing sizes and capacities.  The FSB was designed from the ground up to maximize efficiency while being the most user friendly box, today.

DOCSIS Passive

Our Featured Product:
DOCSIS Passive

ABS is revolutionizing the CATV in-home distribution networks by systematically eliminating premises amplifiers and substantially reducing installation cost, ingress / egress, noise and service calls with this unique device.

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All Systems Broadband

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Extreme Broadband

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Holland Electronics

Holland Electronics LLC
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Times Fiber

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Times Fiber

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Times Fiber

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