Amphenol Sine Systems' - Advanced Design Team™ Initiative

May 20, 2020

Advanced Design Team Logo

We have always relished the opportunity to meet with customers face-to-face, to begin and end our conversations with a handshake. This long standing practice has served us and the customers we serve, well. We want to make sure this philosophy not only continues, but connects us like never before!

By embracing our new reality, we are expanding on the above principle and introducing our new Advanced Design Team™; our "virtual" handshake initiative!

Our Advanced Design Team™ is ready! With the touch of a button, we can collaborate from anywhere, at any real time, on new programs or a custom solution.
You have the access!

Customer Advantages

    • Real-time collaboration and solutions from the comfort of your Home or Office
    • Access to our Team of Product Managers, Engineers and Customer Service Representatives

    NOTE: Even if you don't have a Microsoft® Teams account, you have nothing to worry about.  Our Team member will initiate the chat/video conference from our end and provide you a link via email or text.  Meetings can take place on any digital media available. (Smartphone, laptop, desktop, tablet, etc.)  If there is no webcam available on your device, you will still have access to audio and screen functions.

    More info here: Join a Meeting without a Teams Account

    Let Our Team Connect With You Via Microsoft Teams