Amphenol Sine Systems' Plug&Play Solutions

October 17, 2019

Our Plug&Play products were developed in response to the need for a robust, streamlined and scalable product for use in material handling systems, such as conveyors, sorting, automated storage and retrieval, packaging, overhead transport, palletizing, etc.

Greater Flexibility Equals Lower Total Cost of Ownership
• Rapid Install Due to Scalable Modular Design at Startup
• Repeatable System for Expansion or Plant Reconfiguration
• Faster Commissioning with Reliable “Plug & Play” Capability Dramatically Reduces Costs
• Factory Assembled & Code Compliant System Eliminate Field Wiring Errors & Cable Pullout
• Eliminates Traditional Raceways, Conduit & Cable Glands while Increasing Ingress Protection
• Quick Disconnects Minimize Downtime from Removal or Replacement of Failed Equipment
• Rugged Over-molded Connectors & Feature Crush & Oil Resistant Cables
• Compliant with various code compliances such as NFPA 79-2007 standards, UL2237 PVVA Listed

Potential Applications
Distributed Power & Control of Motors, Parcel Distribution, Palletizing, Packing and Shrink Wrapping, Airport Baggage Handling, Material Handling, Packaging Equipment, Food and Beverage Processing, Automated Storage and Retrieval, Overhead Transport

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Distributed Power and Control/Factory Automation