Amphenol Sine Systems' Armor IPX™ Enclosures

August 30, 2019

The Clear Choice for Sealed Enclosures

Amphenol Sine Systems' Armor IPX™ Clear Sealed Enclosure provides superior protection for printed circuit boards and electronic control modules in harsh environments and off-road applications, all in a clear, see-through housing. Available in two additional enclosure material types: Black Thermoplastic or Ultem® (Transparent Amber). Simplified installation is accomplished via a rugged tandem through-hole design for ease of mounting and includes optional environmental venting. The Armor IPX™ electrical interface is established with the compact ATM™ Header System featuring optional keying and sealed 90° molded pins. The snap-in headers quickly and securely attach to the Armor IPX™ enclosure and mate with standard ATM™ Series plugs. Armor IPX™ Sealed Enclosures and ATM™ Header Systems are compatible with industry standard EEC enclosures.

Key Features

  • Intermatable with industry standard connectors
  • Optional header configurations - ATM™ Series 24 I/O (A, B, C & D Keying)
  • Rugged tandem through-hole design for ease of mounting
  • Snap-in headers establish ease of interface with PCB
  • Cross hatch design increases venting protection
  • Resistant to most fluids used in industrial applications

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Armor IPX™ Clear Sealed Enclosure