It’s Time to Offer 100% Waterproof Devices… with Swift

August 15, 2013

Amphenol LTW introduces another breakthrough innovation SWIFT, IPx7 Stand-Alone Micro-USB 2.0 the first waterproof micro-USB to blend with your wearable devices!

A-B type Current Rating:
-1A minimum for contacts 2, 3 & 4
-1.8A for contacts 1&5 and at the same time 0.5A for contacts 2, 3 & 4
Un-mated (Stand-Alone) IPx7
  • IP67 (1M, 30mins): MUC-20PFFR-JS7001
  • IP68 (1M, 24hrs): MUC-20PFFR-JS8A01
  • IP68 (5M, 24hrs): MUC-20PFFR-JS8B01
  • IP68 (10M, 3hrs): MUC-20PFFR-JS8C01
Operating Temperature:
-30°C to +85°C
Durability: 10,000 Cycles
SMT: 255℃/10 Sec. Connector Size:
SMD 5.52(L) x 8.3(W) x 4.83(H) mm
RoHS Certified


Tape Reel



Digital pressure monitoring
Night Vision
Tablet PC
Digital Camera

and many more…

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Broadband Wireless Access / Smart Grids Market:

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Amphenol LTW has actively devoted to various outdoor and industrial applications by successfully developing high-end waterproof connectors to meet strict requirements; also has many worldwide patents and certification such as ISO 14001. ISO 9001 and NMEA 2000…etc.. Now Amphenol LTW is not merely a supplier of waterproof connectors but also a solution provider in diversified market segments.

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