Amphenol LTW’s Metallic Vent Brings More Reliabilities to Your Outdoor Applications

September 10, 2014

Amphenol LTW (ALTW) is pleased to introduce our new metallic vent, a perfect electromagnetic shield, for your various applications. ALTW's metallic vent allows to balance the pressure difference when temperature changes rapidly inside or outside the sealed enclosure. Featured with IP68/69K waterproof rating, moisture can be cut off effectively during operation. Meanwhile, our metallic vent enables to avoid pollutants to drop into the enclosure because of high air permeability of membrane. ALTW also offers a series of plastic vents to make your outdoor devices more reliable in different environments.


LED Lighting Renewable Energy Broadband Wireless Access Security
Wall Washer
LED Wall Washer
Micro Inverter / Inverter
Micro Inverter / Inverter
Base Station
Outdoor AP / CPE + Data Collector
Outdoor IP Camera
Outdoor IP Camera

Specifications :

* IP69K = Water with high pressure/steam jet cleaning
Part Number VENT-BJ001 / VENT-BJ004 VENT-BJ002 VENT-BJ003 VENT-BJ005
  BJ001BJ001/BJ004 BJ002BJ002 BJ003BJ003 NEWBJ003BJ005
Assembly Type Screw M12x1.5 NUT Snap-in Screw M12x1.5
Specification Environment Temperature VENT-BJ001: -40°C~+105°C VENT-BJ004: -40°C~+125°C -40°C~+105°C -40°C~+105°C -40°C~+105°C
Waterproof Rating VENT-BJ001: IP68(1M 60mins), IP69K
VENT-BJ004: IP68(2M 30mins), IP69K
IP68(1M 60mins), IP69K IP68(1M 60mins), IP69K IP68(2M 30mins), IP69K
Air Permeability VENT-BJ001:
> 260ml/min @70mbar
> 450ml/min @70mbar
> 260ml/min @70mbar > 260ml/min @70mbar >1760ml/min@70mbar
Water Entry Pressure VENT-BJ001: > 60kPa
VENT-BJ004: > 29kPa
> 60kPa > 60kPa > 29kPa
Material Housing mPPE mPPE mPPE Zinc Alloy
Sealing O-ring: Silicone Gasket: Silicone O-ring: Silicone O-ring: Silicone
Housing Color Black Black Black Silver
Test Standards Thermal Shock: EIA 364-32
Waterproof: IEC 60529 &
ISO 20653
Fungus: GB/T 2423.16
Thermal Shock: EIA 364-32
Waterproof: IEC 60529 &
ISO 20653
Fungus: GB/T 2423.16
Thermal Shock: EIA 364-32
Waterproof: IEC 60529 &
ISO 20653
Fungus: GB/T 2423.16
Thermal Shock: EIA-364-32
Salt spray: EIA-364-26
Waterproof: IEC 60529 &
ISO 20653

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LED Market:

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Broadband Wireless Access / Security Market:

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