ALTW’s New M8 Passive Distribution Boxes

July 25, 2014

With the growing demands for sensor connectors, Amphenol LTW is pleased to introduce the newest M8 distribution boxes to extend its range of product applications.

Featuring the compact and low profile design, M8 distribution box not only simplifies the wiring control system, but also allows installers to apply it easily to tight places of the machine. Fully potted housing with rugged IP67 rating ensures the high performance in vibration and fluid environments. The M8 I/O box accepts industry-standard threaded M8 and M8 with key (G8) connectors. It is available with 3-pin socket in 4, 6, 8, and 10 ports configurations with fixed installed PUR Home-Run Cable or a pluggable master cable connection for on-site assembly with M12 or M16 connectors. Equipped with removable identification label, all boxes utilize LEDs to indicate the status of the I/O ports.

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