Amphenol LTW’s Smart Solutions in Lighting–1

June 1, 2012

With the New Series dubbed “SSL–1”, Amphenol LTW provides a new solution for your LED products.

  • Suitable For All Kind of Board

  • Replace Soldering For Board with LED

  • Eliminate Risks of Poor Quality Soldering

  • Avoid Ever Increasing Labor Cost

  • Save Space in PCB

  • Reduce Time in SMT Production Time with Reduction of PCB Size

  • Reduce Cost of PCB

  • Allow Easy, Fast and Cheap Replacement of Boards

  • Reduce Maintenance Cost

  • Allow Repair High Cost Components PCBA

Applications: Board to board / Wire to board /wire to wire

About Amphenol LTW:

LTW Technology, established in 1993, is a professional designer and manufacturer of waterproof connectors. Since April of 2010, LTW Technology was acquired by Amphenol Group and officially changed its company name to “Amphenol LTW Technology Co., Ltd.”. Amphenol LTW has actively devoted to various outdoor and industrial applications by successfully developing high-end waterproof connectors to meet strict requirements; also has many worldwide patents and certification such as ISO 14001. ISO 9001 and NMEA 2000...etc.. Now Amphenol LTW is not merely a supplier of waterproof connectors but also a solution provider in diversified market segments.

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