High Voltage

Amphenol offers a wide variety of cost effective standard high voltage connectors and cable assemblies rated from 1Kv to 75KvDC. High voltage, detachable and “oil-tight” feed-throughs are also available for imaging (X-ray) and laser therapy applications. These miniature high voltage interconnects allow the designer to greatly reduce the size and complexity of oil filled power supplies and X-ray tubes. Our experienced high voltage Engineers are ready to design customer specific hybrid high voltage and signal level interconnect products for requirements in defibrillation, electro surgery, xerography and a host of other end use applications.

For the full High Voltage product offering, please visit Amphenol Alden.

P50 Series
  • Up to 55,000 Volts DC
  • Designed for use with high voltage, high power electronic equipment cooled or insulated by dielectric liquids.
  • Easy to install, panel mount receptacles provide a fluid tight seal, making an excellent feed through for oil filled enclosures.
  • Plugs have an internal o-ring that seals against receptacles when twist locking collars engage with molded posts on the receptacles.
  • X-Ray
  • D Series Plug
  • Up to 15,000 Volts DC
  • Double circuit polarized high voltage connectors
  • Available in a variety of options: inline, panel mount and as an extension
  • Provided with discrete wires as well as coaxial wire
  • Laser and Ultrasonic
  • V1 Series Pulse-Lok
  • Up to 20,000 Volts DC
  • Two pole, polarized high voltage connector
  • Offers a quick-lock mating feature that provides excellent tactile feedback, confirming that connector pairs are fully engaged.
  • O-ring seals ensure electrical integrity over a wide range of environments
  • Ablation