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Industrial's Helios H4 Connector 8 AWG UL Certified to 1000V

November 12, 2012

Helios H4 Connector 8 AWGAmphenol Industrial Global Operations is pleased to announce a new H4 connector, the first 8 AWG PV connector rated by UL for use up to 1000 V. This new connector can accommodate larger cable sizes, allowing for more efficient DC system layout designs as well as reduced BOS (balance of system) component and equipment costs.

The new UL1000 V 8 AWG connector uses the existing mating interface as Amphenol's current H4 connector making it easy to mate to all other wire gauges. It can be integrated into PV cable assemblies in a factory environment or installed on the job site.

Press Release (pdf)

For more information about the Helios H4 Connector visit Amphenol Industrial Global Operations.